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Each month we will feature a new artist that uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Susan Downing White -

Most of the time I use an underpainting and glazing method but the recent small paintings I've been doing lately are much more direct. I start with a veil of color--maybe terra rosa or yellow ochre, diluted with turpentine. I paint into that, working dark to light. I spend no more than an hour or two on these paintings.

The cloud forms in these works are suggested by the random patterns made by different ways of applying primer to the panels I'm using. I keep in mind the Leonardo quote about looking at stains and other surface markings on walls, etc, to find designs for landscape elements. The surrealists had techniques for sparking ideas that I also find useful--fumage or decalcomania, for example.

After finishing a series of carefully detailed works, these techniques help me loosen up and generate ideas for larger paintings.

May 09 - No. 5

Rice Creek

April 09 - No. 11

April 09 - No. 3

April 09 - No. 4
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