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Sonya Palencia

Sonya Palencia, is a painter, illustrator, sculptor and woodcarver, whose work often illuminates bizarre and mystical fantasies with the romantic aesthetics of a bygone era.

As a child, Sonya began creating art and studying the nearby wilderness, historical
landmarks, and the extraordinary past of her native California. She later traveled abroad to research the classical arts and traditional folklore of numerous countries. Sonya graduated from the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA) with distinction in Film & Fine Art, and served 10 years in the film industry as a designer and sculptor. She and her husband (fellow artist Jeff Nentrup) have since left the city to pursue their fine art on a ranch nestled within the inspiring Californian Los Padres National Wilderness. Sonya is currently working towards her first solo show at Copro Gallery and numerous commissions.

A Decorated Hero

After the Quake

Bustopher Jones

Edgar Allen Poe Portrait

Queen Elizabeth Marionette

The Blue Room

The Lumineress

The Nestling

Three Shadows

Trees on a Saw

Detail of Trees on a Saw

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