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Each Month we will feature an artist that uses the Trekell line of brushes!

John Cogan -


By John Cogan

As the primary tool of the artist, the brush has a major influence on the success of a painting. Certainly surface and paint quality are very important, but the best paint, when applied with a less-than-adequate brush, will not live up to its capabilities.

Finding the right brush to paint in acrylic is especially difficult. In addition to dealing with a wide range of paint viscosities and a great variety of surfaces, the acrylic painterís brush must always stay in water to prevent the paint from drying on the brush. Sitting for hours in water can be very hard on the brush handleís finish. Most handles, after a few sessions of soaking in water for extended periods, begin to lose their finish; the enamel or varnish cracks, peels and flakes off.

Trekell brush handles have a superior varnish which does not peel off, even after many sessions of soaking in water.


My brushes also take a beating because of the different surfaces I paint on, the various thicknesses of paint I use, and the various techniques I use.

I paint my larger and medium-sized pieces on stretched canvas. I start with a pencil drawing, and then block in the major masses with paint, thinned with an acrylic medium, usually a soft gel. When I am happy with the color and composition, I rework all of the areas with thicker paint. I then use increasingly smaller brushes to add additional detail where necessary. When I need to change a color slightly, I will use an acrylic medium and a small amount of color to glaze the surface.

For smaller paintings, I will use canvas mounted on panel, or even work on gessoed hardboard if my subject matter has a lot of very fine detail. On a really smooth surface my painting technique consists of many thin layers, using gel or liquid mediums. I need a brush that works well under all of these conditions. Trekell brushes are able to handle all these very diverse techniques.


Working with the best materials gives an artist the freedom to create. Creating art is what the artist does. Nothing can be more frustrating to this goal than the distraction of having to contend with inferior materials and tools. Good tools are definitely worth the extra cost. But good tools at a very reasonable price are a bonus not to be passed up.

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