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Each month we will feature and artist who uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Joshua Flint

Method/Process & Trekell's brushes:

The idea supersedes my subject matter. With this in mind I adjust my working methods for each new painting. My approach is varied in the beginning stages. At times I draw right on to surface with a brush, other times I sketch the main elements of the idea with a pencil, or, I will do a light oil wash to block in a painting. It just depends on what element(s) of the image I need to develop first and how I envision the painting coming together as a whole.

At this stage I am either using reference (or working from observation). Once the main elements are established and the painting starts to have a life of its own I tend to work from memory more and more. The painting is far enough along where it has a set of ingrained parameters, centered around color, light, technique, and refinement. I try to maintain these constructs and measure them against the vision I had in the beginning. If I paint over an area or need to alter an element in the piece I will return to my original reference.

With smaller and medium sized paintings I work exclusively on panel or board. Any painting around 30" x 40" and larger I switch to cotton canvas. I'm not a big fan of the flex or bounce of a canvas. Whether its a small or large painting I use a wide variety of brushes. Most of my brush work is accomplished by using bristle flats. Ultimately, they get beat up enough to form into filberts and brights, providing further variety. I grab whatever I think applies the paint in the manner I want. Often these are brushes, however, it may also include palette knife, rag, paper towel, or a finger. I am sure I'll bring more objects into the fold as I see fit.

With Trekell brushes in particular I notice they maintain a nice shape and flexibility, like that of a newer brush, after continued use. I can be pretty hard on brushes, whether its through my application or by working on slightly rough surfaces. The bristle hairs on my set of Trekell brushes don't break as easily as many other brands I've tried. It ends up being easier to paint with brushes that maintain their integrity. In addition, I've included a few red sable brushes into my practices. I've been very disappointed when I've tried using oil paint and sable brushes. These seem to respond to my varied working methods and hold more paint like a bristle.

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