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Lead Primed Linen Panel - 1/8" Hardboard

Lead Primed Linen Panel - 1/8" Hardboard

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The hardboard: sturdy, durable, reliable. When you need the least amount of flex from your surface, the hardboard is your best answer. However, while these boards are known for their firmness, each exuding a substantial stability, they never feel bulky. That’s a quality inherent in every dimension, be it the small yet resilient 5x7”, commanding 12x16”, or four others falling in between. Whichever version, each hardboard’s front is sealed with Golden’s GAC100 before the finish is applied, giving you that professional edge. This particular hardboard is mounted with our primed-for-lead linen. Portrait-grade and imported-from-Belgium, this linen has become renowned for its quality at a price point that won’t break the bank. Supple linen plus the dependability a hardboard: truly the best of both worlds.

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