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Every month we will feature a new artist who uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Howard DuBois -

I find it very difficult to function as an artist at a very high level without dependable tools. I use the very best on the market that money can buy. An artist has to have the very best to compete in the art market today.

One problem that plagued me over the last twenty or so years was finding a brush that would perform for any length of time before completely failing. I found that brushes were not made the way they were when I first started as an artist.

I then found Trekell brushes and I discovered the quality that was consistent and durable. My Trekell brushes stand up to the work load that I put them through and I have found that Trekell stands behind their product 100%.


I paint mainly in oils on cotton duck canvas, which I stretch myself. I first prime the canvas with several coats of acrylic primer with a large bristle brush to give the canvas texture.

When I have an idea for a painting, I work it up beforehand on tracing paper and then I transfer it to the canvas. I work from the top to the bottom and from back to front. Once all the colors and values are laid in, I go back over the painting until all areas are finished.

I begin with filbert bristle brushes then go to the sable filberts. In some areas I use the taklon brushes.

All of my brushes I use are Trekell taklon, sable and bristle. When I am finished working for the day, I clean my brushes with Trekell Linseed Oil Soap, which keeps them like new.

El Gato

High Country

Hunters Off Full Moon


Ridin' High

Spring Training

Workin' For Short Pay

Oil Paint - 37mL
Acrylic Paint - Medium Body - 4oz
Acrylic Paint - Fluid - 2oz
Wood Panels - Panel Only, No Cradle - 1/4" thick
Wood Panels - Gallery Profile - 1 3/4" thick