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Patrice Erickson (

Featured Artist of the April: Greg SimkinsMy name is Patrice Erickson and I paint fine art oil portraits and landscapes. My style of realism involves a meticulous, monochromatic underpainting followed by many carefully applied layers of color known as glazes. The roots of this method go back to the Renaissance. To accomplish the look that Iím after, I use an ultra-smooth canvas, artist grade oil paints, walnut oil based medium, and a variety of Trekell brushes. Before I found Trekell I used to be horrified to find brush hairs stuck and dried into the various layers of my paintings. Not a problem now with high quality Trekell brushes.

I begin a painting with large sizes of Trekell Hog Bristle Filberts and Flats, which are great for applying a thicker layer of paint like I do in the underpainting. I am striving to achieve the correct value, drawing, and composition here. As I refine the painting I switch to smaller sized brushes and begin pulling out my favorites Ė Trekellís Golden Taklon brushes. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are great for both painting and glazing techniques.

Featured Artist of the April: Greg SimkinsTrekellís Red Sable Filberts and the Golden Taklon brushes are employed for the thin, glaze layers, which I proceed to once the underpainting is dry. The color glazes are floated on and gently blended with these brushes. This method of paint application gives the paintings a museum-quality finish with depth and richness of color and luminosity.

Trekell helps me achieve my goals -- to capture the likeness and spirit of a person in a portrait and the everyday beauty of the outdoors in a landscape painting. I recommend them to all my artist friends.

Wildflower Trail

Valley Trail

Summer Field

Poppy Field


Oil Paint - 37mL
Acrylic Paint - Medium Body - 4oz
Pinstriping Script 8050 Series
Wood Panels - Traditional Profile - 1" thick
Golden Taklon Liner 2580 Series