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Each month we will feature an artist who uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Linda Tracey Brandon

Artist's Statement

I'm a representational painter living in Arizona who works mostly in oils. I love to paint people and have been painting scores of portraits and other figurative works over the past couple of decades. It's a great honor to be commissioned to paint another human being and help preserve his or her memory. Like all portrait painters, I also hope to create a meaningful work of art that will be valued and can stand on its own as an interesting, good painting long after both the subject and the artist have passed away.

In addition, recently I've been painting still life, landscapes and more personal and allegorical figurative paintings. Artistically, this is a very exciting time for me.

I've used Trekell sable brushes for many years and I really appreciate their high quality and longevity. I recently purchased several of the William Whitaker Signature Series brushes and I'm impressed by their strength and ability to maintain a point. Precision is important when I'm painting commissioned portraits and I need to place a stroke exactly in the right spot. It's great to know that I have brushes in my arsenal that can do this.

Gardenia Frieze


Is it Dusk or Dawn?

Shadows of Unrecorded Trees

Striped Spiral Wrap

Tumbled Cherries

Gallery representation: Abend Gallery, Denver, Colorado -

Portrait representation:

Portraits Inc. -

Portraits South -

Wood Panels - Panel Only, No Cradle - 1/4" thick
Hog Bristle Flat 400F Series
Pinstriping Script 8050 Series
Acrylic Paint - Fluid - 2oz
Wood Panels - Gallery Profile - 1 3/4" thick