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Each month we will feature a new artist that uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Ryan Brown -

I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2002 with a B.F.A. in Illustration. Toward the end of my time at BYU it became clear to me that I wanted to be a painter more than an illustrator. In 2000 the BYU Museum of Art had an exhibition of Burton Silverman’s work that changed my outlook and future goals. It was then that I first realized there was nothing I’d rather do than paint beautiful pictures. I spent every day of that exhibition in the museum copying Burton’s pictures. Around this time I also had the good fortune of meeting and working with Bill Whitaker, a brilliant portrait and figure painter who exposed me to many methods and materials that immediately made me a more conscious and aware art student. Unfortunately, upon graduation from BYU, I also realized how deficient my university training was, so I decided to attend the Florence Academy of Art. It was here that I feel I truly began to understand the intricacies of art and the fundamentals of its creation.

I graduated in 2008 from the Florence Academy of Art, winning the Best Painting of the Year award and the Presidents Award for my “Portrait of Nestor”. I also attended the Hudson River School for Landscape in the summers of 2007 and 2008, working with Jacob Collins and many other extremely gifted painters. My training and study made it clear to me how important proper training is for art students. Studying in a curriculum that was fashioned after the 19th century Paris curriculum, I found clarity, and a depth and breadth of knowledge that I didn’t know existed. It is because of this understanding that I place such a high priority on proper training. This priority led to the opening of the Center for Academic Study and Naturalist Painting (CAS) in 2008. The ultimate goal of the CAS is to provide artists with an education that allows them to pursue and produce an art that serves the public, elevates society and reestablishes the standards of art as a visual language that can be understood and felt beyond any boundaries. It is our belief that craft precedes artistry, knowledge precedes inspiration, observation precedes invention and a process-based art always yields a higher standard of work. Anyone who may be interested in finding out more about this school, its curriculum and application process can visit my website at

I work mostly from life. My larger paintings are a combination of observations from life that I use to create my studio compositions. Although much of the final works are made up of invention and design, they always begin from life studies. Observation for me is the key to invention and creativity. 

As an artist trying to create the best paintings I can, it has always been important for me to use the best materials I know of. Painting is difficult enough without the handicap of substandard tools and materials. I have used Trekell brushes for over 7 years now and I have not found any better or more reliable brushes than these.

The Hope of the Penitent

Fallen Tree Study

Portrait of Jenny

Confidence and Humility

Kaaterskill Clove, Catskills, New York

Portrait of Josh

Portrait of Nestor

Praying Angel

Hog Bristle Flat 400F Series
Wood Panels - Panel Only, No Cradle - 1/4" thick
Wood Panels - Gallery Profile - 1 3/4
Golden Taklon Liner 2080 Series
Matte Medium