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Oil Ground Panel - 1/8" Aluminum Composite Material

Oil Ground Panel - 1/8" Aluminum Composite Material

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Gamblin Oil Ground and a Trekell Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panel have a lot in common. For one, both have rather ingenious properties. Gamblin Oil Ground locks in the vibrancy and color saturation intensity thanks to its “closed” surface that adheres to oils instead of penetrating them. An ACM is light as a feather but can also take a beating due to its two sheets of aluminum and one sturdy hunk of polyurethane. Neat stuff, but the reason people swear by this pairing is a lot simpler: it works. A pleasingly light yet extremely durable panel that’s perfectly prepared with a highly archival primer? Don’t need science to tell you that’s a winner. So what are you waiting for? Start the right way today with a Trekell ACM panel with Gamblin Oil Ground.

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