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Raw Wood Panels

Panels are made to order.  Please allow 2-5 days for your order to ship.

If you haven't yet used a wood panel, you may be wondering why these are a big deal. Well, the wood panel goes way back. Long before the proliferation of canvas, there was the wood panel. In fact, they've even found wood panel paintings from 6th century B.C. So that should tell you something about a wood panel's durability. But it's also versatile, able to be primed to accept a variety of paints and mixed media. Add in that wood panels offer your brushstrokes a unique clarity, vibrancy, and control and you have a medium rightly regaining popularity. After all, who wouldn't want their best work to survive the ages? Put simply, there are archival materials and then there's a Trekell wood panel. It's the next level.
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Raw Wood Panel - 1/4
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$5.49 - $11.99
In Stock
Raw Wood Panel - 1/8
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$7.86 - $18.99
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Raw Round Wood Panel - 1/2
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$9.99 - $25.49
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