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Each month we will feature a new artist that uses the Trekell line of brushes!

Laurin McCracken -

I believe that there are three basic aspects that contribute to being an artist:

Seeing – You must be able to see things in a fresh way. You must see things in a way that reveals new ways of seeing to others. Walter Anderson said, “everything I see is new and strange.” From that he created art that attracts our attention, warrants our attention and astounds us. The cubist created a new way to view objects on a table in front of an open window. We can never look at those objects the same way again.

Drawing – the fundamentals of art are all about drawing. They are the way we transfer our unique way of seeing into any media. The more you draw the easier it gets and the better you draw. The better you draw the better you can paint.

Mastery of
the Craft – you must be able to be facile with the tools of your medium if you are to successfully transfer how you see to paint and paper. Without mastery of the craft of painting, your audience will not be able to see past your poor painting abilities to be able to read the message you are trying to communicate about what you saw and drew.

I interpret the real world through the medium of watercolor. While I see things as a photographer, as a painter I am able to use the medium as a tool to express how I see things. One of my goals is to help people see everyday things in a new light.

My still life paintings are influenced by the Dutch and Flemish still life painters of the 16th and 17th Century, such as Pieter Claesz, Willem Kalf and Jan Davidz de Heem.

3 Eggs and Bowl

3 Eggs on Silver Plate

Silver Crystal with Grappa Magnolia

Cracked Egg on Black

Crystal Silver with Magnolia
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