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Each month we will feature an artist who uses the Trekell line of brushes!


I believe the world is what you make of it, you can transform your view into many different visions. I like to think that I transform my view into "Living Art", that has life and movement of its own. As of late I have been encompassed towards a vision of surrealistic nature. I enjoy creating movement, depth and dimension in my pieces as well as contrast.

I have been involved in art my entire life, trying different mediums and techniques. I love to draw, carve, sculpt, weld, etc., but one of my strongest passions is painting.

I use both oil and acrylic but have been leaning more towards the acrylic due to the low toxicity. I usually start with cutting in a foreground and define the shapes of the piece and than work the image up with transparent layers to build dimension and color depth. It is a slow process but I feel it is worth it; it works well for me. Out of all the brushes I have used over the years, the Trekell brushes have been my favorite. The brush I tend towards the most and enjoy over all are the Golden Taklon. They have a nice spring to them and high paint loading. I can use this brush for multiple techniques and cut in detail well. The Golden Taklon brush has made it so that I can almost emit the other brushes I have on hand and just use these. I also appreciate how affordable they are, I don't have to worry about wearing down a brush and the cost of replacing them, I can just focus on my piece.

Every time I order Trekell brushes they are very consistent and of high quality. I feel fortunate to have found Trekell, now I can just focus on my art!

Crown Parasol

Endeering Flower



Good Morning


School's Out

The Meeting

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