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Solvent-Free Gel Medium - 37 mL

Solvent-Free Gel Medium - 37 mL

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Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel gets your paints and pencils to do what you want them to do. And, because it’s solvent-free, you know it’s safe. The safflower oil and alkyd resin ensures the product is gentle on you. But that doesn’t mean this gel is wimpy. No, unlike other solvent-free mediums, Solvent-Free Gel has a ton of applications. Search around the web or duck into any artist forum and you’ll find someone gabbing about a new technique that uses Solvent-Free Gel as the facilitator. Really, the uses are as limitless as your imagination, it’s just that Gamblin helps to bridge the gap and turns your dreams into a reality. Oh, and it dries moderately quickly; as if Solvent-Free Gel needed another virtue.

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