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William Whitaker Signature Palette - Style 2 Round

William Whitaker Signature Palette - Style 2 Round

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Trekell Pro Team Artist William Whitaker has a true knack for capturing the living world. His work feels real, animated by the keenly observed luminescence of existence. And he's graciously helped Trekell customers achieve his level of control and feel. Previously, he was the mastermind behind an outstanding series of signature brushes. Now Mr. Whitaker turns his eye towards the other hand, designing a beautiful 1/8" palette out of Baltic birch. The palette comes unprimed, giving you the freedom to customize it to fit your style. While the personalization options are limitless, your comfort has been carefully considered: the palette's thumb holes are beveled to provide an easy hold without sacrificing the sureness of a snug fit. Looks and feel? Rarely does design and utility combine so well. Each palette comes stamped with the Whitaker/Trekell seal of approval.

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