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Brian Trekell was backpacking through Japan when he was first inspired by the art of brushmaking. That spark led to an interest that blossomed into a passion. Soon after, he traveled to Bechhofen, Germany to fine-tune his skills. After mastering the discipline, he returned to America and began his business, one with a commitment to excellence that deserved to be given his name. Things started small: Brian used his Brea, California apartment as the first base of operations. He worked hard, never forgetting his original inspiration and to always put quality first. The company grew steadily and he moved to California's spacious High Desert to accommodate it.

That was 1984.

Three decades later, Trekell is an established name in art, known for exacting standards, earned experience, and the virtuosic skill behind the design of every product. Trekell has grown from one man's calling into a leading manufacturer of the highest quality supplies. Created with care and compassionately priced, Trekell's wide selection of tools are made by artists for artists. So, when you explore Trekell's catalog, know that you'll be dealing with people who are as passionate about their craft as you are about yours.
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