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Brush Care

You’ve no doubt tolerated cheap brushes you didn’t mind trashing. But a Trekell brush? That’s a different thing. We know people who love them so much they treat them like friends, and you want to take care of your friends, right? Our brush-care line helps lengthen the life of your Trekell brushes, making sure they’re always ready when you are for your next project. Oil paint can be a real brush-brutalizer, and while a Trekell holds up better than most, you can make them feel like new with these products. After all, buying fewer brushes means more money in your pocket to spend on the art you want to create. Explore all of our options below.
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Trekell Brush Restorer - 3.5oz
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Trekell Linseed Oil Soap for Oil Paint - 4oz
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