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Trekell’s line of acrylic brushes mirrors the versatility of the media. No matter the need, there’s an acrylic brush up to the task. But these brushes are more than just tools. Think of them as an extension of yourself, enabling you to get your ideas down without any struggle. Truly, with Trekell, the brush isn’t a bottleneck. Instead, it’s a key that unlocks your creativity. Explore our line of acrylic brushes below and see how you can paint like a pro and make art without compromises.
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Greg Craola Simkins Signature Brush Set
Pro Team Artist, Greg "Craola" Simkins and Trekell have teamed up to design his new brush set. This set features 7 brushes on walnut stained handles with matte black tips and a sticker designed by the artist.
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Trekell Acrylic Brush Set
If you're unsure about the brushes you should be using with your acrylic paint, this set is for you!
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