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Floater Frames


Trekell’s Floating frame makes sense when you see the result: a panel suspended between gorgeous Basswood. It’s an enduring illusion for a reason and remarkably makes a centerpiece pop every time you look at it. The best part is the ease of installation. With two pre-drilled holes, along with two screws and four 1/4” spacers included in every purchase, a Floater Frame won’t require a master carpenter. The only thing you need to do is apply a finish. Or, hey, don’t! 

The raw Basswood panel is quite handsome all by itself. And, when paired with a 1/8” Baltic Birch backing, it’s durable, too. Really, when you consider how a Floating Frame can improve the look and protection of your Trekell panels, we’re not sure why you’d want anything else. We offer Floater Frames for two sizes: the 1 3/4” gallery profile and 1” traditional panel. The frame itself will measure 1 1/2” bigger than your chosen dimension. 

Note: a panel is not included with the frame.
Products (Total Items: 2)
Floater Frame - For Trekell Gallery Profile Panels 1 3/4
This Floater Frame is designed for a 1 3/4” Trekell gallery profile panel in mind.
Average Rating
$12.14 - $41.39
In Stock
Floater Frame - For Trekell Traditional Profile Panels 1
This Floater Frame is designed for a 1” Trekell traditional panel in mind.
Average Rating
$12.14 - $41.39
In Stock
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