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Hahnemühle Sketchbooks - Save 25% Off MSRP

Hahnemühle Sketchbooks - Save 25% Off MSRP

Hahnemühle Sketchbooks - Save 25% Off MSRP

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If experience is everything, few have a history like Hahnemühle. Began in 1584, this German company has innovated in the paper-production space for, literally, centuries. These days, Hahnemühle’s distinctive rooster logo has become a signifier of expertise, adorning fine art paper made with sustainability in mind. The operating philosophy is “quality over quantity,” and it shows: a diverse collection of products that showcase what can happen when every decision is highly considered. After all, Hahnemühle has had a lot of time to perfect its craft.

Watercolour Book

Ideal for watercolorists on the go, this 60-page (30 full sheets) book is exquisitely crafted. Weighing in at 200gsm and with a fine-grained surface, each page is primed to hold on to your works. And, you can be confident that your works will continue to look fresh, as this product is acid-free and designed to be highly archival. If that wasn’t enough, the book itself is a masterclass in minimalism, featuring a handsome, sturdy cover and a classy rubber band to hold things together. It’s the kind of book you want to be seen with and you’ll love showing off what you create inside of it.

Nostalgie Book

With 80 pages (40 full sheets) of fine-grain, 190gsm paper, the Nostalgie is indeed something to remember. For one, it has the appearance of a classic: a masterclass in minimalism with its handsome cover and page-saving ribbon. But its true virtues are its functionality. An underrated aspect of a book is how it sits: with thread stitching reinforcing a solid binding, the Nostalgie lays flat. The interior, too, is a marvel, with fine-grain pages that invite effortless strokes from a pencil, pen, or brush. Free of acidity and thus highly archival, this is the kind of book that you’ll love to leave your mark on.

Grey Book

With 80 pages (40 full sheets) of fine-grain, 120gsm paper, this sketch book is simply the place to record your ideas. The light grey paper helps enhance colors, while the strong binding gives artists the opportunity to create seamlessly across two pages. The finishing touches are an anthracite-colored cover that looks like wood and is quite pleasing to the touch and an elegant page-saving ribbon. Both sizes, A4 and A5, are highly portable, making this book a clear winner for those who travel. And, once you’re done, you can rest assured that your compositions will last thanks to the acid-free pages.

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