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That Gamblin Artists Colors is so unique in the quality and ingenuity of its craft should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed its namesake’s career. Since 1980, Robert Gamblin has taken great pains to get it right, patiently building everything from the ground up, be it his paint, company, or the personal relationships he has forged in all corners of the art world. He and his team innovate through understanding. Each product that exhibits such a keen attention to detail because the creators have taken the time to digest and consider all of the questions. And their queries run much deeper than surface aesthetics. You don’t achieve what Gamblin Artists Colors has unless you’ve done some soul-searching, grappling with the philosophical and spiritual. Naturally, that concern and compassion have manifested itself in forward-thinking business practices. 

Gamblin Artists Colors’s offers sustainability along with accrued-over-decades technique and health and safety guides. Yes, that’s right, a colorhouse that’s worried about your wellbeing. Because, at the end of the day, Gamblin Artists Colors is there to help you. That’s an ambition Trekell knows all too well.

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