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Gesso Primed Ellipse Panel

Gesso Primed Ellipse Panel

Gesso Primed Ellipse Panel

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Made out of ever-reliable Baltic Birch, Trekell’s Ellipse Panel is yet another unique and evocative shape in Trekell’s continually expanding and diversifying line of panels. At ½”-thick, these panels radiate Baltic Birch’s virtuous properties: durable, pleasingly firm, highly archival, and handsomely constructed. With four sizes to choose from – 6” x 8”, 7.5” x 10”, 9” x 12”, and 10” x 14” – artists will find the exact panel they need to unlock their potential.  Sealed with Golden's GAC100 and primed with 4 coats of gesso, you’ll be able to hang your masterpiece immediately thanks to the two keyholes already prepared in the back of each panel. Whether you already know that this is the shape you want or you’re looking to experiment by freeing yourself from traditional boarders, an Ellipse Panel is a wonderful place to start. And, when you’re done, . More than ever, it’s clear: No matter your needs, Trekell has a panel for you. Try one today!

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