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Protégé Round 7500 Series

Protégé Round 7500 Series

Protégé Round 7500 Series

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Like the name implies, Trekell’s Protégé line has learned all of the lessons imparted by the original. In this case, that O.G. instructor is kolinsky sable-hair, a classic brush filament known for its retention and performance properties. Sure enough, this Protégé round brush has inherited those abilities, boasting the same thirsty belly and insanely sharp point as its source. What’s the difference, then? It’s synthetic. And...shhh...let’s keep this between us: You won’t notice the difference. Right, synthetics have gotten a bad rap and since quality is our top concern, we're more cynical than most. But, let’s be real: synthetics have evolved. The manufacturing technology has come a long way, now mimicking Mother Nature’s innovations with ease. To wit, this round brush soaks up serious liquid, exhibits exacting control, and snaps into shape without flare outs. Those are qualities of another highly sought-after filament you’re sure to be familiar with. However, a Protégé isn’t made from hair that’s becoming increasingly rare and will soon cost an arm and a leg to find. Instead, with this brush, you get the same performance without forking over a fortune. And that's how the student becomes the teacher. Hey, after all, proteges are meant to improve upon their progenitors, right? Try one today and feel exactly why we're believers.

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