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Raw Wood Block Panel - 1/2" Baltic Birch

Raw Wood Block Panel - 1/2" Baltic Birch

Raw Wood Block Panel - 1/2" Baltic Birch

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Only sizes 4"x4" - 8"x10" come with a stand.  Sizes 9"x12" - 16"x20" will only have the keyhole.

What makes Trekell’s ½” block panels feel so different? Maybe it’s the painstakingly handcrafted design that transforms Baltic birch into a cradle-less wood panel that’s a minimalist’s ideal. Perhaps it’s the stimulating tangibility of the caress of smooth wood, a quality delightfully contrasted by its strength and durability. Whatever initially draws you in, you’ll soon feel at one with this panel, accepting its invitation to create. Indeed, it exudes a sense of profound purpose, as if it’s beckoning you to dream big instead of becoming another obstacle between you and your best ideas. And that’s the true difference, where it seems to diverge from the anxiety-ridden tenor of modern times. A ½” block panel is your chance to block out the distractions, get back to the basics, and reconnect with your art.  

This particular raw triangular version has rounded corners and a pre-cut keyhole in the back for easy hanging. Additionally, sizes between 4”x4” and 8”x10” also come with a handsome wood stand that slots into the back of the panel.

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