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Chelsea Classical Studio

Chelsea Classical Studio Fine Art Materials is an art material maker as well as a School of Art located in New York City whose products are made for artists, by artists. Trekell carries their lines of Oils and Mediums as well as their Varnishes. 

Chelsea Classical Studio | Trekell Art Supply

What makes CCS products different?

Chelsea Classical Studio believes in using time-tested, historically documented, natural methods in their formulations and processes. Unlike other art material companies, CCS doesn’t use turpentine or petroleum mineral spirits.

You’ll find that their oils are only made with the cold-pressed method. Their varnishes have no carcinogenic fumes due the use of natural ingredients, and their fat and lean mediums contain no petroleum or turpentine also meaning there are no unsafe fumes. 

Cold-pressing is costlier procedure to extract oils from linseed, walnut and lavender, but it is historically documented since the Renaissance and creates a purer oil for use in art materials. After the oil is extracted it’s washed and cleaned using natural processes that have been around for centuries, whereas other manufacturers mostly sell raw oils that are never cleaned unless by using harsh chemicals and bleach. 

Chelsea Classical Studio | Trekell Art Supply

Using natural oils in their varnishes instead of other art material makers who use turpentine and petroleum mineral spirits which give off carcinogenic fumes and contribute to chronic health issues is another time-tested method Chelsea Classical Studio applies. And of course, their fat and lean mediums use none of the “bad stuff” either. 

Trekell would like to see you and your beautiful art around for a long time, and what better way to help you accomplish this than provide products made naturally and without the use of unsafe chemicals. 

Check out the Chelsea Classical Studio products we offer:

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