Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors

Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors

Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors

We have a real treat for you this week, Trekell fans. Let us introduce a very cool set of paints: Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors. Why are these paints so cool, you ask? Because they’re made from things that were once terrible but have now been made useful and sustainable. 

During the Industrial Revolution and subsequent thirst for coal and its energy by the American people, thousands of miles of coal mines were developed. As their stores were depleted and mines shut down, many were improperly sealed. As rainwater seeps into the old mines it becomes contaminated with toxic levels of heavy metals and acidity which make for a gross concoction of something called Acid Mine Drainage aka “toxic sludge.” 

That stuff is no good for ecosystems, of course. Some very smart folks have spent a lot of time trying to find a sustainable solution to this problem and, to make a long story short, contaminated water is collected, processed, and the pigmented part of the water is used to make Gamblin Reclaimed Earth paints. 

This limited edition oil paint set includes Brown Ochre, Rust Red, and Iron Violet. As one would assume, this set of 3 paints comes in sustainable packaging with zero shrink wrap. Not only is the sleeve and insert part of the packaging recyclable, but the structure is also an actual primed panel usable as a painting surface. 

We know you’re gonna love these. Get ‘em while they’re hot, available, and you’re feeling inspired. 



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