Gamblins Torrit Grey | Trekell Art Supply

Gamblins Torrit Grey

Have you ever heard of Gamblins Torrit Grey? This paint has been pretty popular since the 1990's! 

Gamblin decided to recycle pigment collected by their air filtration system, to protect workers in Gamblin’s manufacturing facility and make sure no one is exposed to pigment dust. 

Gamblins Torrit Grey | Trekell Art Supply

Instead of disposing the high-quality pigments into a landfill, Gamblin recycles them into their Torrit Grey oil paint. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills and encourages responsible living and art-making. 

Torrit Grey will never be the same exact color - It tends to have a greenish tinge because of the great strength of the Phthalo Green pigment, which is a dark bluish green. Torrit can vary from a medium dove grey to a dark, earthy grey.