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Get to Know M. Graham Gouache

Have you ever used gouache in your artwork and thought, “wow, this color did NOT turn out as I envisioned at all, plus I wish this product didn’t seem so synthetic--what kind of chemicals are in this stuff and should I be worried?”

Maybe you haven’t gotten that deep, but let’s discuss anyway. M. Graham’s gouache is another product we at Trekell are proud to carry because of its quality, the company’s commitment to environmentally-conscious manufacturing, and the thoughtfulness that has gone into the entire process every step of the way starting 25 years ago. 

Get to Know M. Graham Gouache | Trekell Art Supply

Graham’s History

Back in the 1970s, the 2 founders of M. Graham had both graduated with Fine Arts degrees during a time when artists were beginning to speak up about the toxins used in many art supply materials and vocalizing their concerns over how those toxins were affecting their health.

Later, M. Graham set out to provide artists with paints that were free of solvents and chemicals that could have adverse effects on their health and at the same time worthy of the masters they so admired.

Get to Know M. Graham Gouache | Trekell Art Supply
Artwork by: @sergiolopezfineart

Graham Today 

M. Graham gouache offers a no chalk, unadulterated product that artists can mix with white to control colors to turn out exactly how they’re envisioned.

By combining the pigment with the traditional gum arabic and pure Northwest blackberry honey, M. Graham gouache ensures the protection of color brilliance and makes application super smooth.

In this way, an artist can achieve “superior coverage” with a “creamy application” for their permanent artwork.

When M. Graham was started, the founders wanted to provide artists with safe, solvent-free oil colors worthy of the masters who were their personal inspirations.

To that effect, they implemented the use of traditional hand-crafted, small-batch paint comprised of historic and natural bases of walnut oil and honey. The company is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and upholds an inspirational commitment to the environment. 

Get to Know M. Graham Gouache | Trekell Art Supply

Worth Noting:

Graham’s environmental commitment is rather extensive. The company feels that artists have forever been inspired by the natural environment around them. Imagine a still life without the fruit from trees. Or a beautiful painting of the ocean.

This is one of the many reasons M. Graham commits to being an art material supplier that is environmentally-conscious and acts accordingly.

Some of their practices include: using no solvents or toxins in their manufacturing and cleaning processes; relying only on power from the renewable source; minimalizing consumption of power in manufacturing; sourcing, buying, and implementing used equipment that would typically have been decommissioned; and recycling and reusing factory water for cleaning equipment, to name a few. 

Get to Know M. Graham Gouache | Trekell Art Supply
Artwork by: @sergiolopezfineart

If you’re looking for an amazing gouache for your permanent artwork, M. Graham products may be just what you need. Along with being environmentally responsible, M. Graham’s products’ quality shines through; Trekell is proud to carry M. Graham gouache.

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