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Legion Paper

Legion Paper was built on the idea that making paper is an art in and of itself. The company was started in 1994 by Michael Ginsburg and Len Levine, both art paper salesmen.

They wanted to take paper further by creating new types of it rather than just selling the same old. They listened to artists and then traveled the world visiting all the paper mills finding out what their capabilities of each were and what kind of paper could be created that catered to artists’ needs.

Legion continues to use this method today to help all kinds of artists enhance their work whether they be designers, painters, photographers, or printmakers. 

Legion Paper | Trekell Art Supply

Legion now represents over sixty mills in sixteen countries, some of them dating back to the seventeenth century, and one in particular in Italy is six hundred years old. This makes it possible for Legion to be the conduit between paper mills all over the world and all sorts of suppliers. 


Legion Paper | Trekell Art Supply

Legion Paper has an eco-friendly philosophy. They believe there’s no “one best solution.” Most consumers of Legion papers must consider budget, and the more eco-friendly the manufacturing process of the paper, generally the more expensive.

Sustainability is obviously important but with Legion’s buying power at the mills the company can figure out a solution that’s right for their clients and create pretty much anything. The company has developed a
classification system to define how it functions as far as sourcing, manufacturing, and reusing byproducts in an effort to minimize waste.

Trekell is happy to stock several of Legion Paper’s art paper products, including 100% cotton Stonehenge Aqua black pads, Stonehenge Aqua Block White padsWhite pads, Color pads, Kraft pads, and Yupo Paper pads for all of your artistic and art paper needs.