Outdoor Creating 

Outdoor Creating 

Outdoor Creating 

Since the New Normal has set in and summer events are mostly cancelled, you’ll have a whole lot more time to spend putting brush to canvas or panel this season. What better way to do it than with Trekell’s selection of pochade boxes, plein air panels, sketchbooks and travel containers of paints. We have you covered for all your plein air painting needs. It’s the perfect time to get out and create art with your friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

Our plein air panels, sketchbooks, and pochade boxes all provide the perfect setup for heading outside and capturing the beauty of nature (or the grittier parts). 

When it's time to get outside and paint, try one of our plein air panels! These panels are all very light weight, and they're more than perfect to take on the go. We offer our plein air panels in two profiles,1/8" and 3/16", as well as a handful of substrates; Baltic Birch, ACM, Gatorfoam, and Hardboard. Whether you prefer raw panels, Oil Ground or Gesso panels, or our pressed linen panels, our options are endless. 

To further assist your artistic outdoor setup, our New Wave Pochade boxes and accessories are kind of the best thing ever. Your pochade box already comes with a plastic palette inside, but we do offer glass palettes that fit perfectly in your box. We offer side trays as well, that attach to your pochade box for extra space to place your brushes. You’ll feel like the most professional artist, and feel like you’re winning at outdoor painting. 

Watercolorists, we haven’t forgotten you. Our Watercolor Books are phenomenal and our Sennelier travel paint sets give you the freedom and means to unleash your creativity whenever, wherever. We offer 3 Watercolor Books (in all different sizes and colors) for when you just need to get out there and get after it. 

Not only do we offer Watercolor Books, but we have quite the selection of sketchbooks as well. These sketchbooks are compact and sturdy, which means they can withstand traveling. If you're using these sketchbooks for drawing, check out all the different drawing supplies we have that are also great for when you're on the go.


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