U.Go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box

U.Go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box

U.Go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box

Chances are strong that if you’re an artist, you’ve heard of pochade boxes. On the off chance that you are an artist or enthusiast who has not heard of them, the following information should help you understand. 


Have you ever seen a foreign film and noticed an artist sitting with an easel and canvas in the middle of a pasture or even a crowded city scene? That’s what is commonly referred to as a “plein air” artist, or one who paints outdoor scenes. It’s very romantic.


Maybe there’s classical music playing on the soundtrack. Maybe they’re wearing a beret and holding an artist’s palette. Maybe you’ve wondered how these artists transport their tools. Do they just walk around with a fistful of brushes and keep tubes of oil paints in their cargo pockets? Nah. They use a pochade box! 


A pochade box for artists is like a fisherman’s tackle-box. It’s usually made of wood in order to be as lightweight and easily transportable as possible. It holds tools, and it’s designed to be placed on a tripod, its hinged lid serving as a place for your canvas to rest. Inside the box is where you store your palette. There is usually also internal space for paints and brushes, although to save weight it’s recommended that you forgo bringing along your tubes of paint and squeeze out enough for a day’s worth of painting instead. 


The U.Go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box is made to travel far and wide, anywhere you want to take it. Designed and manufactured by New Wave in Pennsylvania, the boxes are made of Baltic Birch and feature non-corrosive stainless steel and aluminum hardware. Another super cool feature of our pochade boxes is that they stay closed while traveling with the use of rare earth magnets which also help hold accessories like a sidewall or side tray attachment. The plastic palette inside is high-density, ensuring your paint goes on and comes off smoothly. 


We think you’ll fit right into a movie scene when you set up your U.Go Plein Air - Anywhere Pochade Box, and it’s a film we’ll definitely put on our Watch List.



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