The Benefits of Buying Sets and Kits

The Benefits of Buying Sets and Kits

The Benefits of Buying Sets and Kits

Thinking about switching to a new medium or brand of art materials? Getting into a new medium or finding some different ways to create art can be a challenge. You’re interested, but you’re not sure how to get started or exactly which tools you need, and you don’t want to make costly mistakes or a big investment in case you don’t end up feeling the new medium is right for you. Or maybe you know exactly what you want to branch out into but could use some tips on what to buy upfront. Perhaps you’re merely interested in trying a new brand of products, which can be somewhat daunting if you’re a research freak and need to pull a full-scale product line comparison based on online reviews. That process is time-consuming and you could be creating instead. 

Whatever you’re looking to do for whatever reasons, Trekell has sets hand-selected by creative professionals to help you get started and off on the right foot with your latest artistic endeavor. We’ve put together sets of products compiled with what you need to begin, and these collections are easy to build upon once you’ve done your initial experimenting and playing around with color and tools. Here are a few examples of sets you might like to pick up when you’re looking to expand your repertoire:

Paint sets
If you’re ready to move from acrylics to oils or you’re beginning your artistic journey and want an economical deal, try buying a set of paints first rather than several individual colors

If you’ve ever thought about using gold leaf but aren’t quite sure what supplies you need, grabbing a basic set of leafing and tools is the way to go. Gold, silver, copper, and antique gold leafing are all available as sets to get you going.

Pochade Boxes & Accessories
Choose a price point or pick the pochade box and accessories you want; this category is easy to shop a la carte so you’re sure to end up with the exact components you need. Pochade boxes are perfect for a Plein air artist or anyone who wants to keep supplies well-organized. 

Marker Sets
A great way to incorporate markers into your artwork is to buy them in sets. You can choose bold primaries, sets of earth tones, pastels, and more to get started or to complement an existing collection. 

Trekell Paint Kits, Gift Boxes & Brush Sets
From our Paint Kits to our Gift Boxes and you can't forget our Brush Sets, we've taken the hassle out of buying by combining our top-selling items just for you. All of these are offered in 3 mediums, watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Not only does buying materials as sets save you time and money and help you round out your creative side, but they also make excellent gifts. When you’re shopping for the holidays, a birthday gift, or a “just because” thoughtful present, consider grabbing an art material set from Trekell.


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