Trekell Floater Frames

Trekell Floater Frames

Trekell Floater Frames

If you want to frame your paintings with something super cool and unique, check out our floater frames. We just made this video to show you how to assemble your panel into its floater frame:   

Why is it called a “floater” frame? Because of the way the panel appears to magically float inside the frame without touching the sides or seeming anchored in any obvious way. We think it’s a pretty nifty optical illusion, and those who view your art will, too. It’s a look that provides visual interest and is a different presentation than the typical framed style, so it’s impactful and memorable. It also gives you, the artist, the option of not having to worry about framing covering up any of your work. 

Greg "Craola" Simkins

Made of basswood, the floater frame mimics gallery lighting and adds extra interest to your creation. The backing is ⅛” baltic birch which is lightweight and durable. You can either finish the frame itself or leave it raw/unfinished. Floater frames come in a ton of sizes to fit most any traditional profile panel.  For easy installation, each comes with pre-drilled holes, screws, and spacers. 

Why else would you want to consider floater frames? Maybe because you’re creating a gallery wall and want a uniform and eye-catching look. Maybe because you love the idea of art within a visual illusion. Or maybe because you just enjoy differentiating yourself from other artists with exciting elements like the floater frame style. Whatever the reason, Trekell has you covered, er, framed.  

Floater Frames for 1" Profile Panels

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