Candace McKay

Candace McKay

Candace McKay

Medium of Choice: Acrylic

“As someone who paints on smaller panels, I've gone through a LOT of my detailed brushes. I tried tons of different brands to hopefully stick to that one that just works for me. Always having to throw them out not too much later was always such a bummer. So naturally, I try to buy the more expensive ones; cause surely, the quality must be up to par! It was always the same struggle though, and I found myself in the same routine of trying and tossing out brushes.

Finally, I saw Trekell show up on my feed and I eventually just had to try them. I can honestly say, I haven't tossed any of my Trekell brushes out since. They are still hard at work with me! My line work has also never looked smoother since I've started replacing my old brushes with Trekell. It is an absolute honor to work alongside a team that cares about their quality and affordability of their art supplies!

Candace McKay is a self-taught artist from Los Angeles, CA. Growing up, Candace was always the one doodling on any piece of paper she could get her hands on. She had an interest in drawing people and capturing them the best she could. Becoming an artist was never her intention— drawing was something she just happened to enjoy! It wasn't until in 2010 she started sharing her drawings on social media. From portraits to cartoon and anime characters, she loved drawing it all.

Soon after, Candace started to experiment with different styles and mediums. She launched her Facebook artist page in 2011 for fun, and without a thought, art became a part of her daily life. Since then, Candace's style evolved into what she had always loved drawing most: a blend of realism and cartoon-like features.

Her subject is often encapsulated in dream-like states and scenarios. Aside from personal paintings, you can still find her creating fan-art in her style, as well as fun, cutesy pieces! Having shown in numerous galleries & shows, Candace has built an international following and has work in private collections throughout the world. Outside of creating art, she enjoys playing video games or watching shows and movies that help her escape to other worlds.

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