Jackee Sandelands-Strom

Jackee Sandelands-Strom

Jackee Sandelands-Strom

Medium of Choice: Acrylic

“I have been drawn to Trekell through not only their outstanding quality of panels and brushes, but also their consideration in offering artists panels that don't fit a standard mold. The imaginative process accelerates as soon as you set eyes on the fantastic shapes they dream up.

 Jackee Sandelands-Strom is an acrylic painter who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland in the United Kingdom. She shares dual nationality with America and grew up primarily in Minnesota. While not educated formally in art, she has painted from a young age and always worked in creative fields. Whether it be theatre set building or tattooing, Jackee has tried it all. 

After leaving the states for a new adventure overseas in 2014, Jackee focused her time exclusively on painting. She and her husband first moved to the Netherlands where she painted for a while in oils, but then decided to try out acrylics again for the first time in years. Like may, Jackee had been frustrated by acrylic when she first started out with them, but after working for a long time in oils, she came up with techniques that work so well her paintings are often confused for oil.

Now Jackee shares an art studio with three tattoo artists in Edinburgh and paints exclusively in acrylic paints. Her subject matter has refined itself through the years to reflect the time she has spent in and around the tattoo world, specializing in painting the tattooed hands of people she meets. Each painting has enough character in that you feel you can know the model as much as you may know someone in any portrait.

In the last few years Jackee has shown work through RJD Gallery in New York, Lastrites Gallery in New York, Black Anchor in California, London Tattoo Convention in the United Kingdom, and many more. She looks forward to showing her work in more gallery shows later this year. 

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