Jeremy Biggers

Jeremy Biggers

Jeremy Biggers

Medium of Choice: Acrylic (but quickly becoming oils).

“My introduction to the Trekell brand was the pinstriping “Sword” brush. At the time I needed a better solution for how I was painting hair in my portraits. I absolutely fell in love with that brush, so I got more. I figured, since that brush worked so well, I needed to try other brushes and started using the golden taklon brushes. I found Trekell early in my art career, and their brushes are still part of my practice today. "

Award-Winning Creator. Problem Solver. Fine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Film Maker. Based in Dallas, Texas.

Dubbed "Dallas' Hardest Working Multi-Hyphenate" by D Magazine, from drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to film making, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life. He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he primarily focused on expression through graphite and charcoal drawing. During his college years he cultivated his love for painting and photography, and they’ve since cemented themselves into his everyday life.

As with most artists, his work is shaped by experiences that inform his view of the world. His goal with each piece is to inspire conversation. His fine-art work mixes realism with a design aesthetic. His partnerships have included IBM, Nike, Adidas, McDonalds, Paramount Pictures, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Virgin Hotels, Cheetos, Bud Light, Cadillac, Sprint, and Vice.

Jeremy Biggers’ work is shaped by his experiences, experiences that inform his view of the world. The visual language developed within his work deals with identity as it pertains to “code-switching” and the feeling of being multiple people simultaneously. His signature “hyper-red” featured in a number of the works reminds the viewer as well as himself to be aspirational, never allowing oneself to become “satisfied” or “complacent”. Biggers hopes that his work resonates and establishes trust with the viewer, allowing sincere conversation to begin and perhaps inspiring the viewer to discover something about themselves while gaining a new perspective.

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