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Medium of Choice: Watercolor and Acryla Gouache

Pronouns: She/They

“I’ve been using Trekell products since 2014 when I first saw some of my favorite artists with their brushes and wood panels. I’ve really appreciated their artist-first approach, always open to feedback, collaboration, and refining their brand over the years.

As a traditional painter, I highly value the tools I use to create my artwork and Trekell delivers consistently on their products. I also enjoy the variety of shaped panels that are offered throughout the year and the creative ways artists use them! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Pro Team and continue to create with their wonderful brushes and panels."

"With every brush stroke, I hold my breath. I am ruminating with my subconscious self. The gravity of grief, the tender tokens of motherhood, and the sublime ecstasy of creation are all suspended and gently examined. In this liminal space, I find meaning and purpose in my reality."

KELLY MCKERNAN | Trekell Art Supply

Kelly McKernan is an independent artist based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. They graduated with a B.F.A. in 2009 from Kennesaw State University in Georgia and have been a full time artist since 2012. Original paintings are created for galleries, private commissions, and their online store where fine art prints and other products are also sold.

In addition to maintaining a large social media following, Kelly shares tutorials and teaches workshops, travels across the US for events and comic-cons, and also creates illustrations for books, comics, games, and more.

KELLY MCKERNAN | Trekell Art Supply

Kelly's personal work is primarily informed by their journey as an artist and human.

Their art explores their personal evolution of an ever-shifting human identity, informed by sexuality, gender, motherhood, a history of childhood trauma and subsequent time in a religious cult, toxic relationships, pregnancy loss and abortion, divorce, and mental illness. All of this weaves itself into the quiet narrative of self-exploration behind Kelly's vibrant and ethereal paintings.


KELLY MCKERNAN | Trekell Art Supply

Galleries include: Arch Enemy Arts, Gallery 1988, Spoke Art Gallery, Modern Eden Gallery, Every Day Original, Haven Gallery, Gallery Nucleus

Clients include: Evanescence, Heavy Metal Magazine, Dark Horse Comics, Stranger Things, ImagineFX Magazine

Artist Links: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Website


For Acryla Gouache:
Golden Taklon - 6" (Round, Liner & Cats Tongue)

For Watercolor:
Protégé - Synthetic Kolinsky - 6" (Round & Script)

Baltic Birch Floater panel
Baltic Birch Round panel
Limited Edition panels (Crescent Moon and Coffin are Kelly's favorite!)

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