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Medium of Choice: Watercolor

"For the many years that I’ve been painting from my years learning, I’ve only ever continued to use what I’ve always known, and that comprised mostly of lower quality brushes, often cheaper synthetics. Being self-taught, I was never really taught about brush quality and never realized how much a difference quality brushes can make.

But the moment I was introduced to Trekell’s brushes, it all changed. I’ve since become obsessed with the Kolinsky Sable brushes and their Quill Mops, you can hardly believe how much paint and water they can hold! They’re fantastic for all different purposes, whether its fine detailing with the smaller pointed kolinsky’s, or for larger washes and areas of paint with the Quill Mops."

KELOGSLOOPS | Trekell Art Supply

Hieu is an Australian artist based in Melbourne, who goes by the alias, kelogsloops. He specializes in both digital and watercolour paintings, often depicting female portraiture as his preferred subject matter of choice.

Blending realist, abstract and surreal art styles with his anime and cartoon influences from his upbringing, his work intends to capture the ethereal, evoke the dream-like, and stir the whimsical.  

KELOGSLOOPS | Trekell Art Supply


Hieu started drawing as a child, often losing himself in his sketchbooks drawing characters from anime series and manga, notably, Sailor Moon. He went on to paint digitally in 2009 after receiving his first Wacom tablet.

In his final years of high school, he began experimenting with watercolor painting as part of an assignment for his studio subject. Consequently, he fell in love with the medium and has defined himself as a watercolour & digital artist since, going by his motto of 'be right back, chasing dreams.'

KELOGSLOOPS | Trekell Art Supply

Aside from painting, he is a content creator on YouTube, a channel focussed around teaching watercolour and his journey towards becoming a working artist. He intends to continue his current projects and pursuits, hoping to one day have his own studio and to teach.

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