Medium of Choice: Oil

“I first started using Trekell Brushes and Panels about two years ago. Previously I would spend vast amounts of time amidst rows and rows of very expensive brushes in art supply stores, hoping that whatever I eventually chose would suit my needs. Most hardly made it through a week of my rough painting style before fraying and becoming impossible to use for detail. It wasn't until I used the Legion and spectrum brushes from Trekell that I found what I had been looking for. Both had a sturdy base, with a fair amount of flex, and it took significantly longer for signs of wear to show up on them – they were both absolutely perfect for detail work! I also was able to try their panels vs. popular brands I had bought in art stores and the differences were significant.

Their panels are so much thicker and sturdier than anything else I have used. I've never had to worry about one breaking, warping or cracking while shipping paintings across the country. The ease of use, value and peace of mind I have with Trekell products has won me over, and I'm happy to continue singing their praises."

Kelsey Beckett is a painter originally from Michigan, currently residing in Kentucky. She studied illustration and graduated with a BFA, but realized quickly that her true passion was in oil painting. Drawn to and often lost in the intricate detail of facial features, her paintings revolve around dreamy portraits and feminine figures. These often include bright images of lush flowers, vegetation, and decadent couture. These paintings desire to depict situations of solitude, regeneration, and companionship.

Kelsey has shown work in numerous galleries across the United States, mainly in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and New York. When not painting, Kelsey can usually be found playing video games, obsessing over her Cat, Cricket, or studying language.  

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