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Kim VanDerHoek

Medium of Choice: Oil

“Oil painting is really hard on paint brushes. My brushes need to be able to handle being repeatedly immersed in solvent and medium, sturdy enough to mix up a big pile of paint, have just the right flex to make a delicate mark, tough enough to withstand being tossed into my plein air bag and survive baggage handlers at the airport.

When Trekell introduced their Opal line they immediately became my go-to brushes. The snap of the bristles was exactly what I’d been searching for in other brands. After hard use they retained their shape and didn’t wear down quickly. They’ve never let me down.

Trekell’s brushes performed so well I decided to give their painting panels a try and I wasn’t disappointed. Cradled panels are my substrate of choice for large studio work.

I’ve used a lot of different panels from cheap to expensive, but, was never impressed enough to be a loyal customer of any particular brand until I bought Trekell’s. Their cradled panels are truly next level!

The moment I opened my first box I could see the difference in their craftsmanship and knew they’d be a treat to paint on. My panels of choice are the oil ground panels, they’re smooth enough for delicate work, but, have enough tooth to take thick paint.

Kim VanDerHoek

Kim is a contemporary fine artist who creates, vibrant landscape and cityscape oil paintings in her Southern California studio as well as en plein air.

“It is my hope that when you view my painting from across the room, the large shapes make a strong visual statement that allow you to easily see what the subject is, then, upon closer inspection, you find yourself lost in the paint texture.

I am always striving to elevate the scene I am painting in order to show the viewer the everyday beauty surrounding us. In each painting I aim to accurately represent the subject while allowing the paint to have an equal voice and a strong presence.”

A multi-award winning artist, she’s received Best of Show in the BoldBrush competition, won multiple awards in the Plein Air Salon competition, received the Western Art & Architecture Award at the Haggin Museum American Women Artists 2018 National Exhibition, been an Art Renewal Center International Salon Finalist, was awarded the Alden Bryan Memorial Landscape Award of Excellence at the 29th Annual Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition and received an honorable mention in Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic Excellence annual competition.

Kim VanDerHoek | Trekell Art Supply

Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration from the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. Her art has been included in these national art magazines: American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Southwest Art, American Artist and Plein Air magazine.

After a decade of teaching in-person classes, she recently released an online painting course. Kim also offers individual mentoring sessions for artists seeking career advice or feedback on their artwork.

Kim just recently won the Artists Choice Award at the Sonoma Plein Air Festival!

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