Kurtis Rykovich

Kurtis Rykovich

Kurtis Rykovich

Medium of Choice: Oil

“I have become addicted to Trekell Brushes. They outlast any brush I have used in the past. Not only is the quality amazing but the prices are competitive or better then a lot of the suppliers out there. I use an array of Brushes for different effects. I have some synthetic Red Sable which is great for softer edges in portraiture. I also use the Golden Taklon for cleaner bold edges. I am absolutely obsessed with the Linseed Oil Soap. This soap is Magic, it leaves your brushes feeling like they were just washed with conditioner and ready for their next use. Pretty sure I could not live without it.”

Kurtis Rykovich was born in 1984 in Ely, NV, a small town at least 4 Hours to any city. Growing up he always was drawn to the world of Fantasy. His mother would often tell him stories of fairies and introduce him to great Fantasy movies of that time. This stuck with him and inspired him in his work to this day. Every time he is in the search for inspiration he will still turn to those magic films, such as Labyrinth, Legend, Dark Crystal, and all the other Greats.

When Kurtis Turned 18 he dreamed of going to Fashion school. He then realized the price tag that came with these schools and switched course to study Art at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. This actually was a blessing as it made him fall in love with painting, and there was no turning back after that. He then found himself picked up by a gallery right out of college , and was lucky that one of the Gallery curators aided in educating him about the gallery world and even more painting techniques. He then Moved to California where the culture was vibrant and started showing in other galleries as well, still working full time jobs along the way and painting for shows every chance he got. In 2010 he started painting full time and put everything he had into the craft.

Since then his work has been bought from Collectors around the World. You can also find his work in magazine publications such as Beautiful Bizarre, and Inked Magazine. He was also a Contestant on “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” which can be seen on Netflix.

His Depiction of Wickedly Enchanting Damsels continue to gain popularity. Kurtis continues to do what he loves almost daily. Combining, beauty, pop culture, and a dash of Dark Fairy tales. His Damsel creations portray a world touched by darkness but drenched in Beauty.

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