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Medium of Choice: Watercolor, Gouache & Oils

“I was first introduced to Trekell when Hieu (Kelogsloops) promised me the brushes would change my life, wash my car, do my taxes, and give me a tiny portion of his immense talent. Years later, I’m still doing my own taxes; however, collecting Trekell brushes and panels have changed both my life and my monthly spending.

No matter what medium I’m experimenting with at the moment, I can always find a line within the Trekell range to make that medium shine. I’ve tried many brushes and panels of all price ranges, but I never hesitate to recommend Trekell to my followers for the price, quality, and wonderful people behind the brand.

LENA | Trekell Art Supply

0073.uv is a cat and (cat)mother duo living in the Bay Area. Walter enjoys the finer things in life such as screaming at squirrels at 3AM, scamming people for third breakfast, and sleeping on plastic bags from Target. He is also indispensable to the process of testing new art supplies by stepping in paints, chewing on expensive paper, and leaving his fur on everything.

While Lena does not typically join in on the screaming at squirrels at 3AM due to it being generally frowned upon by society, she can often be found painting into the night engrossed by new paints and brushes and inspired by the beauty around her— from people to music to nature but mostly her muse and modern Venus Walter.

LENA | Trekell Art Supply

Lena got her start early in life creating artwork with unconventional mediums on unconventional surfaces. Her early critics had choice words for her artwork such as “Lena, you can’t spend the whole day in school drawing on your desk and napping,” “Lena, did you draw on all the paper plates meant for customers with sharpies,” and “omg Lena why are you carving etchings onto the heavy work machinery with rocks that’s dangerous who let you in here where’s your mom.” 

LENA | Trekell Art Supply

However, Lena (past and present) has always lived by the philosophy of “don’t tell me what to do” and despite the many directions and thousands of miles her life has taken her over the years, she has always come back to her love of art and art supplies.

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Protégé Plus Brushes - 6" Handle

Crimson Taklon Brushes - 6" Handle

Spectrum Brushes - 6" Handle

Trekell Linseed Oil Soap for Oil Paint - 4oz

Trekell Brush Restorer - 4oz

Mini Panel Packs - Gesso Primed 1/8"

Raw Ellipse Panels - 1/2"

Cold Press Watercolor Paper Panel - 1/4" Baltic Birch

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