Mags Munroe

Mags Munroe

Mags Munroe

Medium of Choice: Acrylic and Ink

“My style includes a lot of detailed linework, so in the past when I tried to incorporate that into my paintings I would struggle to get the definition I wanted. I needed something more precise, more smooth and graphic--and I found that with Trekell. Their Golden Taklon and Protégé brushes allow acrylics to flow seamlessly across the page like I had always wanted them to. Using these brushes help my style and workflow to blend seamlessly between using ink and paint.

 As a vegan, I also love the fact that they make such amazing synthetic brushes that have all the best qualities of natural hair brushes without any of the downsides. I was really amazed by how different these brushes felt than any I had used before--I find I can be much more accurate, and they hold their shape like a dream. Besides their stunning brushes, their close, collaborative relationships to the artists that use their products is another thing I love most about Trekell.”

Mags Munroe is a contemporary, style-defying artist who creates emotion filled artwork using ink, acrylic, digital formats, and more. Born once upon a time in Massachusetts, she’s been creating art ever since she could. She lead her own artistic education--self studying, taking classes outside of school as well as following her favorite artists across the United States and participating in their workshops.

She utilizes complex linework and colorful elements in her artwork to convey the inner thoughts and inner world of her subjects. While her work is figurative, it is simultaneously surreal. Her portraits are accompanied by amorphous, blobby shapes that are a recurring motif in her work. The shapes distort and change and take on many different meanings between pieces, (often up to the viewer), sometimes transforming into clouds, smoke, tears, text or speech bubbles. Mags’ work is often emotion driven, reflecting themes of learning to better know oneself, struggling with unhappiness, loneliness, but also of reclaiming one's power. She is obsessed how feelings manifest in the body and attempts to visually express those feelings through her work.

Mags draws inspiration from many sources, one being her own life and emotions, but another being music. You may find fragments of thoughts or lyrics floating through her work. She is also inspired by people (both those familiar, celebrities, characters, and strangers), cartoons, movies and TV (especially sci-fi), illustration, graphic design, typography, and her contemporaries.

Mags has collaborated with EA Sports for Madden NFL, created murals for Secret Walls and POW! WOW! Worldwide, illustrated album covers, as well as created commercial work such as t-shirt designs and even beer can artwork. Her work has been featured by Booooooom and shared by Hi Fructose.

Since beginning to post her artwork online around 2016, she has cultivated a large audience on social media. Although mainly posting her artwork to Instagram, she has also begun expanding into making video content over on YouTube.

Mags’ original artwork has been featured in both group and solo shows across the east coast and resides in many personal collections worldwide.

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