Pro Team Artist: Nick Runge | Trekell Art Supply

Pro Team Artist: Nick Runge

Trekell Pro Team Artist Nick Runge is a painter based in Los Angeles, CA, though he hails from Colorado.

Growing up there surrounded by a family of pro artists, he developed his own interest in drawing and went on to become an illustrator for over 10 years. He then chose to focus on personal painting and his style can be described as “abstracted realism.”

Runge’s techniques are purposely simplified to lend the element of abstraction to his portraits. Check out some of his works on
Instagram to get an even better idea of his style. His mediums of choice are oil and watercolors and he works from life as well as photography. 

Pro Team Artist: Nick Runge | Trekell Art Supply

If you’re interested in learning Runge’s approaches and more, consider attending an online watercolor
workshop or perhaps one of his 2021 live workshops in Chattanooga or even Italy.  

Pro Team Artist: Nick Runge | Trekell Art Supply

As a Trekell Pro Team Artist, Nick Runge has recently released a Trekell limited edition brush set.

Nick’s set consists of 3 brushes he considers essential for watercolor painting:  a #4 round, a #14 round, and a ¾” wash brush. These Protege brushes are made of synthetic filament similar to natural hair Kolinsky brushes.

Although they were designed for watercolor painting, they work well with oil, acrylic, enamel and gouache paints. All brushes feature Nick’s signature on their short, black handles and each set comes with the artist’s header card and sticker. 

Pro Team Artist: Nick Runge | Trekell Art Supply

Once you’ve seen Nick Runge’s work, we think you’ll be delighted to try out his brushes and potentially explore his techniques.

the artist on Instagram as he posts his work and engages with followers and don’t forget to follow Trekell for all the latest news.