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SHAUNNA PETERSON | Trekell Pro Artist
Medium of Choice: Acrylic

“I had been searching for the right brushes for such a long time. About 7 years ago I scooped up some Trekell brushes at DCON and have never looked back. They are the perfect weight and feel in my hand.

I’m not one to do a lot of blending, and I try not to overwork things. I love showing my brush strokes. When I lay down a stroke, I want to show that energy that I felt at the time I made the mark.

Trekell’s Golden Taklon brushes are my go to tools. They have great snap, hold paint well, and are a perfect balance of weight in hand. These brushes are so well made and stand up to so much use!

I’ve yet to even have any of the paint crack on them! Using Trekell brush soaps and brush restorer allows me a much longer and better brush life. I love this company and their dedication to making such high quality, affordable products for artists.”
SHAUNNA PETERSON | Trekell Art Supply

Shaunna Peterson was born in the 1970’s and has lived in Southern California her entire life. She spent a lot of her childhood at drag strips watching her Dad race, surrounded by cars, pinstriping, hand lettering, and amazing paint schemes.

These were her first art inspirations and are still a major influence in her work today. She is inspired by pop culture, the human figure, and loves saturated colors.

SHAUNNA PETERSON | Trekell Art Supply

Shaunna graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2002 with a major in illustration. Since graduation she has had work shown in galleries/publications throughout the US and beyond, as well as having done illustration work for advertising, magazines & childrens books.

These days her focus is primarily on creating personal work and commissions, as well as teaching drawing & figure classes at a local college. She loves that art-making is a never-ending learning experience.

SHAUNNA PETERSON | Trekell Art Supply

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Golden Taklon 6" Handles - Brights & Flats

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