Trekell Featured Artist - Adriana Garcia

Trekell Featured Artist - Adriana Garcia

Trekell Featured Artist - Adriana Garcia

FairymadeArt (Adriana Garcia) is a native angeleno born and raised in the beach side city of Santa Monica. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration, and Communication Design in the early 90’s from Otis College of Art and Design and shortly after attended Loyola Marymount University and received a Masters Degree in Clinical Art Therapy. She spent most of her career as a therapist helping underserved community’s children overcome trauma through art therapy.

Adriana began focusing on her art career later in life after raising her son as a single parent and finally finding time to dedicate to her craft. She began making fantasy portraits commissioned by her friends and family which later expanded to commissioned work, group shows, live painting demos and gallery invitations.

Adriana is an illustrator, painter and sculptor, specializing in botanical images and portraits of ethereal maidens. Adriana has been creating art in various media from oil paints to watercolors, mixed media and sculpture. Her work is colorful and vibrant and focuses on mood and emotions. Her beautiful characters are able to find a sense of belonging in a fantastical universe surrounded by flora, fauna and imagination. She takes the viewer into that same mind space of wonder and possibility that her characters emotions portray. Her botanical art of succulents and flowers has gained her some popularity on social media for her use of bright color washes with soft rendering to capture the beautiful texture of light on nature.

When not working on major projects, you can find her taking walks on the beach, enjoying family time with her adult son or cultivating her indoor garden of orchids and rare plants. She currently paints from her home studio in Santa Monica shared with a feline and caique parrot assistants.

What’s your preferred medium to paint? Have you tried different mediums before?
You are starting with the the hardest question, haha. It’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. As an illustrator, I enjoy painting with all mediums, not all together of course, but I’m versatile and use them equally depending on the job. Oil, acrylic and watercolor each have their place in my heart and to be honest I love them each for their unique quality and characteristics as a medium. I think the best way to answer this is to tell you how I use them.

Watercolor, what other medium lends its self to pure translucency with such rich vibrant color? It’s not very forgiving but it can take your breath away like when you drop a bit of color into wet paper and watch it spread. It’s great for soft paintings of flowers and portraits. Acrylics are my friend! The perfect middle of the road medium that is as flexible as the artist. It can go on thin, or thick, it can be semi translucent or completely opaque. It can blend like oils and dries super fast. Sometime too fast. I use acrylics for some of my larger portrait work that is time sensitive and I have a hard deadline. Oils, all I can say about it is that they are the GOAT, as they should be. They have the history to back them up. I’m still learning all the amazing things oils can do and they are fast becoming my medium of choice when I’m painting portraits on wood, which is my favorite thing to paint on.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing to paint? Why?
Favs: Well for me, I love painting nature. Animals, plants, flowers, sea life, wild life, and of course humans. I truly love doing portrait or figurative artwork and if I can combine it with another element in nature I am a happy camper. This year I’m trying to push myself to paint more variety of subjects and add some surreal flavors to my art while still keeping to my style and genera. I’m influenced by your pro team favorites Mab Graves, Greg Simkins, Kelogsloops and Glen Arthur. Maybe one day I will have the guts to apply to the pro team.

Least Faves: I know this is not for for me, so please don’t ask me to paint you a landscape, cityscape, any kind of scape... Lol. I really don’t like painting wide open spaces. Don’t get me wrong, I like the landscape as and art form. I love the work of contemporary landscape artists like Fujiko Rose who is just amazing, and of course all the old classics, but it is not my skill or my cup of tea, haha.

When are you the most creative? Morning? Night? 
Gosh, this is really going to age me... Hands down I’m a morning to late afternoon painter. I feel that I might have been able to stay up late into the wee hours of the night back when I was younger but I enjoy my sleep and down time that I just can’t do it. So for me, I can wake up at 6am, grab a cup a coffee, head to the studio and start working. It’s only the noise of the outside world and my stomach grumbling that makes me look up only to realize it’s half past noon and I haven’t had breakfast. I push myself, or if I’m infatuated with my art piece I’m working on, I might get a second wind and stay up painting till midnight, but that’s not my usual. I also tend to produce more art in the spring, summer and early fall then I do over winter. The studio can get so cold in the winter and with the change in sunlight hours, my painting time gets cut in half.

What do you listen to when you are painting/creating artwork?
I most definitely need music on. It helps drown out the outside noise of the city, plus my parrot can get quite loud sometimes that I need to use headphones, lol. I stream Pandora for the most part and I like a variety of stuff. Having a young adult son has exposed me to so much new music that I just listen to whatever playlist he has left streaming. Here are some of my favorites: Gorillaz, Glass Animals, Purity Ring, The Police, Chill Out Radio, Billie Eilish, Flume, 80’s, and 90’s alternative, Lorde, Frank Ocean, Atmosphere... you get the idea of my streaming, it’s pretty much anything I can sing along to, and I do.

Where do you like to paint (outside of a studio)?
There is a world outside my studio??? I haven’t really explored painting other places although I did do some live painting at a few art fares and that was fun. There were a lot of interruptions with questions about my art and not that much painting going on. I also think that any space an artist sets up to paint at is their studio. Before I had a whole room to dedicate to my art and was able to call it my home studio. I painted in the kitchen, living room or pretty much wherever I could prop up a table easel and set up my paints. That little creative space became my studio space in my mind.

When you receive unsolicited critiques or comments, how do you feel/how do you react?
I was blessed with thick skin, LOL. If you are an artist you have to learn that not everyone will like what you create and everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you are going to put yourself on display and put your art out there, you have to know that there will be those who just want to say something about it. Being open to other’s opinion has actually helped me widen my perspective. Whether solicited or not, I can often find it useful, and if not, I just leave it. One of the benefits of being a psychologist is that I am well versed in knowing that people will project what they want. I don’t have to own it or take it home with me if not useful. My biggest struggle has actually been my inner critique. That little voice inside me, the one that often says I’m not a good enough artist, she does more damage than anyone else has.

Adriana's Favorite Trekell Products:
Oh lord! Everything you all make is just amazing. I have always used your wood panels to paint my portraits and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. It all started when I won some in an art contest a few years back and now they are my go to. My favorite are the raw Baltic birch floater panels and the gallery profile panels which I use a lot. I recently started using your Taklon Art Brushes, they are the best, I have both 6’ Crimson and Golden that I use for just about everything. They are like no other brush I have ever used. The way they feel and how they handle the paint is exceptional. I honestly feel it has made a huge difference in my detail work and my ability to blend seamlessly. They are pure magic. I would do them a disservice if I didn’t treat them right, so I clean and wash them with them with the coconut oil soap and brush restorer.

Where to find Adriana: Instagram, Website

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