Trekell Featured Artist - Carolina Lebar

Trekell Featured Artist - Carolina Lebar

Trekell Featured Artist - Carolina Lebar

Carolina is a self taught artist, born in Colombia and residing in the USA. The highly detailed illustrations and paintings she creates echo beliefs and lore, and explore their human connections to nature using pencil and paint. Carolina has been creating art semi-professionally for 9 years and after having a solo show, participating in group shows, and having participated many of the biggest conventions along the east coast, she is now fulfilling a dream of becoming a full-time artist.

What’s your preferred medium to paint, and why?
My technique involves glazing so when I apply color over my illustrations my go to for painting is acrylic. I can get a variety of results with acrylic using different mediums allowing me to apply color to enhance my pencil and graphite work without taking anything away from the detail. Also, the cleanup is easy, and the minimal dry time is much more suitable for my lifestyle.

What do you do to get out of an artist block?
All of my creative ideas stem from just being inspired, whether it’s visually or emotionally, so when I am not actively participating in life socially, this used to lead me to some pretty intense creative blocks. This may sound simple; my fallback is just music and my imagination. I dedicate time to put on headphones and listen to music I’ve not heard before. I close my eyes and let myself imagine visuals that the music inspires. I will typically be able to come up with at least one thing to draw. Even if it is something that makes no sense, like my piece, “Everything I Wanted”, with a girl and ghost chipmunks, I draw it, I get it done, and typically just doing one piece can also help break that creative block. And if it doesn’t, it is still practicing your technique, so it’s all good!

At what age/what turning point led you to be an artist?
I was always drawing; from the time I was given a crayon I was drawing. But it was really because of my first best friend that I was influenced to follow the path of art and creativity in my life. She had Cystic Fibrosis, which she passed from, but like me, she was also born an artist. We would draw constantly, roses, rainbows, little girl things. After she passed, I came to believe that drawing was her escape from the pain of her illness because when you create something, in the simple act of it, the world around you disappears and when it’s done, you’ve shared a piece of yourself. I chose to do art because of her and the fact she can no longer share her art with the world.

What do you listen to when you are painting/creating artwork? Why?
I literally have horror or paranormal movies and tv shows on just about 24/7. For some reason they have a calming effect on me, whether it’s because I’ve seen it 1,000x and its background noise, or the tv cast makes me laugh, or I just really love a good horror movie. Either way, it makes me ready to work on some art or for a zombie apocalypse.

Do you feel it’s necessary to finish your painting prior to beginning another? Why?
I don’t feel it is necessary, but I generally choose to focus on one piece at a time. You have to be flexible with your work though, to meet deadlines and challenge yourself. When I did a series for a show in January 2020, I worked on up to 4 paintings at a time and the only real issue I had was table space in my studio, but even then, I think of these things as a good problem.

When you receive unsolicited critiques or comments, how do you feel/how do you react?
I often get a variety of comments when I am in an artist alley at a convention, like Dragoncon for example, and negative, unsolicited critiques/comments just don’t hold weight with me. As a past victim of bullying, I understand these comments stem from an insecurity or issue that person holds, it really has nothing to do with my art or who I am as a person, and I wish them healing. On the other hand, I love hearing positive unsolicited critiques and comments because they will help me grow as an artist, bring it!

Carolina's Favorite Trekell Products:
I have a passion for painting on wood, I’ve done it for well over a decade now. I used to hire wood workers to hand cut silhouettes for my oil paintings. I love how paint applies like butter on the wood and how beautifully the organic qualities of wood shine through. When I learned about Trekell’s wood panels I just about did a happy dance in my studio. I absolutely adore the creativity and quality of Trekell’s ornate panels. I just drool over the floating panels. I am about to make one of my visions come to life on the Gothic Palladian Floater Panel, and I’m extremely excited to know that they do custom panels.

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