Trekell Featured Artist - Patrick Maxcy

Trekell Featured Artist - Patrick Maxcy

Trekell Featured Artist - Patrick Maxcy

Patrick Maxcy is a painter, muralist, adventurer and humanitarian.
Patrick was born and raised in Florida, where the ocean became a source of inspiration for his art work. Drawing from his personal experiences and the places he has traveled to, Patrick highlights nature as a prominent force in the stories he tells in his paintings. Patrick studied painting at Florida School of the Arts and Florida Atlantic University. While at FAU he also received his teaching certificate and upon graduating began teaching high school art classes.

In addition to painting, Patrick has become known for his humanitarian work. Heʼs partnered with non-profit organizations to help communities fight economic instability and poverty in North America, South America and Africa. Humanitarian work has provided Patrick with the opportunity to share joy through his art. In Jinja, Uganda Patrick painted five murals at schools and other buildings. He has also been painting murals in Nicaragua for 11 years. Patrick has also used his talents as a painter to raise money for scholarships, cancer patients and ocean conservation.

In 2016, Patrick was chosen as the Guest Artist of the Year for the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. That year he was also nominated for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, an international humanitarian award. In 2018, Patrick completed a month-long artist residency in Homer, Alaska with Cook Inletkeeper. Several of Patrickʼs marine-life murals can now be seen throughout the town. In the same year Patrickʼs mural in historic downtown Littleton, Colorado was voted as the best public art display.

Patrick has done projects for many organizations and companies such as RedBull, Ocearch, Pangeaseed and Nike. Patrickʼs work has been featured in publications such as Relevant, Scientific American and World Artist Network. When Patrick isnʼt traveling he can be found working at his studio in the mountains of Colorado, where he currently resides.

What’s your preferred medium to paint, and why?
I use acrylic paint for all my fine art canvas work. This helps me work in layers and allows me to paint in sections. With acrylic, I can add new ideas to dried sections of the canvas to create something new. For my mural work, I use house paint and spray paint depending on the surface.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing to paint? Why?
I love painting animals. And I mostly paint sea life. I grew up near the ocean, so it’s close to my heart. The way sea creatures move and flow also makes them super fun to paint. I am not a fan of painting any animal with lots of hair. It’s a bit more tedious and time consuming.

When are you the most creative? Morning? Night? Why?
I used to only paint late at night when everything was quiet and I could focus. But now I prefer to paint during the day when natural light is at its best. I can see the fine details and colors more vividly with the natural light. My mind is usually always filled with new ideas and stories I want to create. So, if the space itself is good I can work at any time. If I have a show deadline, I will basically live in the studio and work at any time of the day.

What do you listen to when you are painting/creating artwork?
My playlist varies depending on the project itself. If I am painting a large-scale mural, I usually listen to something super fast and heavy. It keeps me going and helps me to paint large and quick. When I am working in the studio though, I listen to something a bit more chill to calm my mind — something that allows me to get lost in the work. I also often listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I tend to get more work done when I’m listening to in depth storytelling.

Where do you like to paint (outside of a studio)?
I am a bit picky with where I paint. The noises, environment and smells have to feel just right. My studio is my little creative safe haven. When painting murals I have to paint in all sorts of environments; festivals, outdoor public spaces, trade shows, etc. It's fun to experience new places, but having my creative studio space to come back to is important to refocus. 

When you receive unsolicited critiques or comments, how do you feel/how do you react?
I’ve learned that I am always my biggest critic. I paint the stories in my head — things I visually have to get out and share with others. I have a couple close artist friends who I share the process with and who give me feedback. It’s good to surround yourself with people you trust and can get honest yet creative feedback from. I try to remember that not everyone is going to enjoy the work and just stay positive and have fun with it. 

Patrick's Favorite Trekell Products:
I mainly paint with Trekell taklon short handled brights and flats. For my recent solo show, I only used Trekell brushes. I like that the bristles hold their shape and form for a long time. 

Where to find Patrick: Instagram, Website, Facebook

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