Trekell Featured Artist - Tyler Swain

Trekell Featured Artist - Tyler Swain

Trekell Featured Artist - Tyler Swain

From a very young age, Tyler has been interested in creating things. At the age of eight his parents enrolled him in private art lessons where he learned the fundamentals of drawing and design. Years later he pursued art at the college level, first at Snow College where he received an Associate's degree, and finished at Utah State University earning a BFA in drawing and painting.

Tyler has been the recipient of many awards and scholarships including the George and Marie Eccles Caine Endowment, and the Outstanding Senior Award. In 2015, Tyler was featured by Southwest Art Magazine as one of "21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch", and again in 2018 as one of "10 Painters To Buy Now." Tyler has been member of the International Guild of Realism and has exhibited his work across the United States and Japan. He currently lives and works in northern Utah.


What’s your preferred medium to paint? Have you tried different mediums before?
I really love both acrylic and oil paint probably equally. Acrylic because I can build up layers and work without having to wait for the paint to dry, oil because it smoothly blends and holds a dimensional brush stroke. I often paint half of a piece in acrylic and then finish it in oil to get the best of both worlds.

What do you do to get out of an artist block? 
Drink a cherry cola, go for a walk, or play some retro video games to clear my head.

At what age/what turning point led you to be an artist? 
My first year of college I had a professor whose work profoundly moved me. After visiting his studio I knew that I wanted to create artwork that had a similar impact on people.

What do you listen to when you are painting/creating artwork? Why?
These days mostly podcasts. I like to stay informed, and the conversational format of podcasts really appeals to me. I also love listening to all kinds of rock music.


Do you feel it’s necessary to finish your painting prior to beginning another? Why? 
No, I often have 5 or 6 paintings in progress simultaneously. If I have to wait for something to dry or if I’m getting frustrated with a painting its nice to leave it, work on something else, and come back later.

When you receive unsolicited critiques or comments, how do you feel/how do you react? 
I used to be much more affected by naysayers or criticisms. Now I mostly just ignore and move on. Occasionally someone will say something that I reflect on and see that maybe they have a point, or there really is something I should change, but the vast majority of the time I just let the comments roll off of me. Artists can waste a lot of energy worrying about the negative things people say. It’s usually much more productive to just get to work.

Tyler's Favorite Trekell Products:
I really love the oddly shaped panels. They are nicely crafted and it’s a fun departure from the regular rectangle format.

Where to find Tyler: Instagram, Website

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