Gamblin Ground - Oil Primer


Gamblin Oil Painting Ground is incredibly accommodating. For a painter who needs their canvas ready ASAP, there is no other option. Thanks to its revolutionary binder, Gamblin Oil Ground only requires one week of drying time. Compare that to the six months of waiting if you plan on using common lead or linseed oil grounds. Even better, it cuts down on the number of coats that need to be applied. Acrylic gesso needs four. Gamblin Oil Ground? Just two. That said, not only is it quick, but it gives you another, long sought-after option: If you you’ve been looking for a canvas that’s firmer than acrylic gesso and more flexible than other oil primers, then you just have to apply this ground. And that application is easy on you because Gamblin Oil Ground is safe, utilizing a special blend of non-toxic ingredients to get the same job done better. Convenient, but no compromises. If only all supplies were this easy on you.

Oil Primer
Size: 8oz
$16.42 MSRP: $21.95
Oil Primer
Size: 16oz
$21.66 MSRP: $28.95
Oil Primer
Size: 32oz
$36.62 MSRP: $48.95
Description Size MSRP Price Quantity
Oil Primer 8oz $21.95 $16.42
Oil Primer 16oz $28.95 $21.66
Oil Primer 32oz $48.95 $36.62

Gamblin Ground - Oil Primer




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